Wake the Lake

Wake the Lake

Lokvarsko Jezero, Homer, Lokve

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Kupi karte oz. vstopnice za Wake the Lake, 04.08.2021. v Lokvarsko Jezero, Homer, Lokve

45 DJs: Gerd Janson, Bradley Zero, Steve Bug, Dr. Rubinstein, Cinthie, La Fleur, Umek, Petar Dundov, Elado, Dejan Milićević, Marko Milosavljević, Andrea Ljekaj, Felver, Mozer, Pepi Jogarde, Ana Antonova, Antonio Zusa, Asimin Asanof, Borut Cvajner, Domy D., Filip Motovunski, M.I.L.E., Marina Karamarko, Pips, Tabula, Yesh, Boo Dale (Dražen Baljak iz LET3), Hibou, Maraya Angela, Krešo Jurina & Mrle, Rinma, Time To Sleep i Venom, and many more!

Wake the Lake is a five-day festival of electronic music, relaxation, and adventure that takes place on Lokvarsko Lake in the unique natural environment of Gorski Kotar.

It hosts over 40 famous DJs from Croatia and the world, has a natural camping area by the lake, a party raft, and a number of attractions!

Wake up fused with the music and beautiful ambiance. Dance under the sky bathed in moonlight and with good vibes. Relax or embark on an adventure through super daily content that will take you to the most secluded areas of the unexplored beauties of the green heart of Croatia!

Experience love, happiness, laughter, dancing, and unprecedented energy in one.

If the festival is canceled, we will be doing a refund or the tickets will be valid for next year festival.


  • WATER stage - 20 DJs of electronic music create dance rhythms on a stage on the lake // Located on a forested beach, surrounded by a century-old forest // Bar, chill zone, party raft, food truck, beach dance floor, etc.
  • RISING SUN stage - Await the most beautiful sunrise with an organized after-party welcome // Provides a variety of electronic music from dub, house to trance on a spectacular forest beach 
  • MYSTIC FOREST stage - In the unique forest amphitheater is the second stage of tech-house music // Fire magic in the center of the dance floor // Bar, chill zone, party raft, food truck, forest dance floor, pavilions with various offers, and other attractions…


  • Wake the Lake’s foundation is to create an environment for young entrepreneurs and families in Gorski kotar.
  • Our mission is to protect and enhance the natural beauty and wildlife of Lokve, and to encourage young people, entrepreneurs, and institutions to work together to create a better future for all!



  1. Recycle 1,5 tons of waste and repurpose it for our festival decorations
  2. Eliminating the use of over 200,000 plastic cups by using only recycled reusable cups
  3. Special discount for all guests who come by bike or hiking routes to promote a green lifestyle
  4. Leave NO trace - We are supporters of the nature protection program in which it is important to leave nature intact after each of our visits


ORGANIZED GUIDED EXCURSIONS - Golubinjak nature parks, Rafting – Kupa river, Off-roading to local lookouts, E-biking around the lake, Caving – Lokvarka cave, Roswell – cowboy village, etc.

WORKSHOPS - Yoga & Meditation, Medicinal Forest Herbs, Shamanic Journey, DJ School, Embrace (hug) the Tree, Ancient Body Movements (UK), etc.

SEMINARS - Sustainable development, Saving drinking water, Biowaste value, Reduction of ecological footprint, Forests and reforestation, Danger of drug abuse, etc.

MISC. - Massage, Face painting,  Art & photo galleries, Kayak race, Rolling down the dam race, etc.

SPECIAL 100 - PARTYRAFT -- Four days, 2 times per day – 12 PM, 15 PM, 100 people per boat, party on a secret beach, booking at the festival point - Experience partying in the middle of the lake! Lake Lokvarsko is one of the most beautiful ones in this part of Europe, and within that amazing setting during the Festival we organize two daily departures of the dance party raft for the most ambitious 100 movers! Let's sail together on an unforgettable adventure.

FESTIVAL FOOD - Gourmet vegetarian and BBQ menus prepared by the famous Croatian chefs, Anton Rudan as Mr. Forest & Mojmir Žuvela as Barba Q, and many more amazing street food!


Camp under the dam – required personal tents - limited up to 4.000 guests

Other – apartments, B&B’s, hostels & hotel accommodation 


  • OFFERS LOCAL “SHUTTLE” TRANSPORT - Park your car and leave it for the whole festival - Local drivers will transport you and your friends from the fest to the shops, parking areas, picnic areas, viewpoints, and everywhere in-between with pre-agreed bargain prices.
  • EXPERIENCE, RELAX, AND ENJOY THE RIDE - By using our drivers, you are helping to support and develop the community, as well as traveling in style! We have horse-drawn carriages, small trains, off-road jeeps, historic military trucks, and of course the local’s personal vehicles.

SPECIAL THANKS - Thanks to everybody who believed in us and everyone who wanted to participate in the creation of positive changes, we established a base of sustainable development for Wake the Lake and Gorski kotar for years to come.

We love You and see you soon <3  :)

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