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IGNITION - 15.6. 2024

How many Uranium-235 atoms do you have? Well, fret not if you have none, on 15. 6. there will be a nuclear reaction that will get out of control and consume you. Trust us. And trust us, when you leave the bunker, everything will feel like a nuclear wasteland.

We are hosting not one but two international DJs, the maestro straight from Hell, Mibian , who is a rising demon on the scene, taking Zagreb by (hell)storm at events like Powercore, as well as Morfame , who is a native of Arsenal and d9 and a well-connected member of the Budapest underground.

Rudar, Strayx will create the unstable conditions which will, through Mibian and Luxia's sets, reach critical mass and thus, IGNITION. As the chain reaction reaches its ultimate point, Morfame and YYR's shockwaves will perturbate your DNA and finish the atomic catharsis.
The nuclear test will start at 22:00, and if you make it until 6:00, you will most likely survive the nuclear fallout that we will cause. We wil definitely be counting each milisecond!

Appropriate for both the TNT season opening as well as the hardtechno baptism of the new KlubPatriot! COME EARLY STAY LATE.

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