Global AI Ethics Webinar

Global AI Ethics Webinar

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11:25 – Gathering of participants

11:30 - Intro – Aco Momcilovic

11:31 Emmanuel Goffi, Director of Institute Sapiens – Observatory on Ethics and Artificial Intelligence: Cultural differences in the ethical assessment of AI

11:50 Idoia Salazar, President of OdiseIA - Social and Ethical Impact of Artificial Intelligence Observatory:  A Chinese robot shouldn't be the same as a European one. Why not?

12:10 Jassim Haji, President Artificial Intelligence Society Bahrain at Artificial Intelligence Society: Ethical concerns of AI in Cyber Security: A Middle Eastern Perspective

12:30 Panel Discussion - The quest for a universal code of ethics!

13:00 Closing Word: Aco Momcilovic, National AI Capital Project Owner

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