Entrio.virtual – let the whole world become your audience!

Turn your events into a virtual or hybrid format and attract even more participants.

A unique platform for virtual and hybrid events.

Whether you want to expand the reach of your physical concert to digital audience or you want to organize advanced virtual conference - Entrio.virtual is the best solution for you. Entrio. virtual is the perfect solution for:

Virtual events

Digital conferences, fairs, concerts, shows - present your event to the whole world and show new, advanced event concepts to your attendees

Hybrid events

Extend your reach and allow visitors who cannot physically attend the event to become a part of it. Sell more tickets and increase revenue.


Digital world knows no boundaries!

Full HD

Sell an unlimited number of Entrio.stream tickets for Full-HD (1080p) streaming of your event worldwide


Create promo codes for discounted or free tickets for sponsors and partners

Real time

Track sales and marketing in real-time

Secured access

Stay calm because each attendee gets a secure, personalized event access which prevents any kind of abuse or unauthorized link forwarding


Re-stream to YouTube, Facebook or a third RTMP destination

Record session

Record Entrio.stream session - the recording remains available after the event


Insert additional dynamics and and interaction with chat for viewers


A two-way LIVE experience with the audience - in addition to the above features, attendees can actively participate in your event!

Up to 32 participants!

Involve up to 32 participants, panelists or speakers interactively in your virtual, real-time, HD event via free or paid Entrio.virtual tickets

Public feedback

Provide discussion at conferences, include audience feedback and laughter for your stand-up event, continue a yoga or guitar course in the virtual world, and more.

Unlimited number of tickets

Additionally sell an unlimited number of Entrio.stream tickets to viewers who are not directly involved in sessions

Join the event erlier

Allow lecturers or performers to join the event earlier (time for coordination)

New sources of income

Discover new sources of income such as Meet & Greet options for concerts, premium podcasts for VIP fans, etc.

New creative concepts

Create new creative concepts and event formats by collaborating with partners and colleagues from around the world into a unique Entrio.virtual show

Manage directly

Manage a show or conference directly from the Entrio streaming studio

Activate Entrio repository

Activate Entrio repository for your attendees and provide them additional video material, presentations, graphics, PDFs and everything else that might be useful to them

Virtual stand and corners

Create virtual stands and corners for your sponsors to present themselves to your attendees


Enable networking for sour attendees

Entrio streaming studio

Manage the entire show or conference directly from the Entrio Organizing Panel:

  • Low-latency HD (720p) or standard Full-HD (1080p) for maximum video and sound quality
  • Protected view related to individual ticket user, without the possibility of misuse
  • The entire system works directly from an Internet browser, without additional software
  • Change between various screen layouts
  • Automatic or manual control and assignment of an active speaker
  • Recording of the entire event
  • Re-stream to YouTube, Facebook or a third RTMP destination
  • Change volume or completely mute individual participants
  • Custom background and overlay branding
  • Additional virtual cameras from a mobile phone or another computer
  • Document sharing
  • Screen sharing
  • Insert pre-roll and post-roll video clips for intro or outro

Entrio chat

Interactive chat between participants and performers/lecturers

Turn chat on or off for certain ticket categories , or enable passive chat mode

Private chat rooms for lecturers

Surveys and polls

Shooting and production? We support everything - from webcam up to most complex TV production. You choose.

We support several different audio and video sources or recording methods for the artist/organizer:

Entrio panel

Laptop video camera and microphone recording directly via Entrio organizing panel on Entrio web (no additional software or equipment required)

Free software

Free OBS software for Windows or Mac, as a standard free streaming encoder, which supports mixing various audio and video sources


Any free Android or iPhone app for streaming to an RTMP destination

Multi-cam setup

Multi-cam setup with professional video direction and equipment which can be provided by us, or by yourself

Ticket prices for customers

  • Free event (with or without donations)
  • Event with paid tickets
  • One-click price change, create new ticket categories
  • Promotional codes for discounted or free tickets
  • Hidden ticket categories for partners, Press or sponsors

Free event

For free event, a video player with the stream immediately opens on the Entrio event page. Ticket purchase can be in the form of a donation/support which gives viewer an additional opportunity to chat with other viewers, Meet & Greet - direct conversation with the artist and similar. The possibilities are endless :)

We also plan to introduce pay-per-view content, subscriptions and other complementary business models.

Price for using the System

The rental price of Entrio.stream or Entrio.virtual channels depends on the number of participants, the number of viewers, duration of the show and other possible functionalities involved. Contact us for detailed offer - we guarantee the best service possible.

Join us in the revolution of virtual and hybrid events! Don’t sit and wait for better times to come but instead develop new concepts and reach new audiences around the world! Use the online potential and increase your visitor base because we don't need special passes or passports to have a good time at your event. And once the current economic crisis is over and life returns to the normal routine, be sure that events (in addition to the physical ones) will continue in virtual and hybrid form, more than ever.

Accept the challenge and be a part of the new world that is just being created.