Kod nas se nitko ne boji ponedjeljka.

Pratimo tržišne trendove, ali ih i sami postavljamo!

Who stands behind Entrio?

You can find us in our office in Zagreb or Ljubljana. And if you need a ticket for your favorite event, you can find it online or at more than 350 points of sale across Croatia and Slovenia.

We follow global market trends, but we also set them up ourselves! Entrio is a modern, online, self-service ticketing platform that saves organizer’s time, increases sales and expands reach, but also enables an essential aspect of sales through points of sale and local channels, as well as superior customer support.

Entrio is the only fully automated ticketing platform in the region. In a few clicks, you can publish your physical, hybrid or virtual event and tickets will be available online in an instant. Also, they’ll be available at more than 80 points of sale in Croatia and more than 270 points of sale in Slovenia.

Event industry is at our fingertips! We are proud of the successful cooperation with more than 800 regional organizers, 1.5+ million tickets sold, and more than 8,000 events served.

Entrio is now an international team of 10 people working daily to ensure that visitors get to their favorite event.

We are a team of 10 different yet very similar people. We are more friends than colleagues. We are all driven by the same creative energy and a common idea of advancing the event industry.

We are young and ambitious event experts, music, culture and technology lovers and real partygoers.

Thousands of musical, cultural, sports and business events have passed through our hands since 2011. And most importantly, no one here is afraid of Monday.


It's time to meet the biggest music freaks and best concert, festival, and conference experts! We have met several times already, but our Entrio team has grown a lot in the meantime, so let's present one by one!


General Manager

Bero is the founder and CEO of Croatian and Slovenian Entrio subsidiary, a true expert in the entertainment industry and one of the leaders in the regional ticketing market. Bero does everything, and for the most, he likes to work at night. He is constantly on the road, and one of his life goals is to buy a pimped-up Volkswagen hippie van. One day he will get a pilot’s licence so he could wave to us from his Cessna plane. He doesn’t like sports (ok, maybe skiing and roller skating), and only sport he recognizes is flying his drone. Yes, he’s a technology freak and drone enthusiast. The only thing he can cook, is good regional jobs, and in his free time (which he doesn't have), he likes to edit videos, build models, and play with LEGOs. He loves dogs, travelling and playing piano. We told you he knew everything.


Customer support

If you have never talked to Irena, that means everything is OK. She is the first lady of our Entrio phone and email customer support. Although her voice instantly calms worried customers, she certainly knows how to put the male part of the Entrio team in order. Irena has a sharp tongue and mind, great sense of humor and a soft heart. Although you may not have heard her on the phone, you must have seen our multiskilled Irena at one of the events throughout the region that uses Entrio cashless payment. As a big dog lover, she hangs out with her little princess Dia, and during every break at work, she bribes our office Labrador Ela with tasty biscuits. She is the only one in the office that listens to a little bit of different music, and in her free time, she likes to cook and bake cakes. When will you come over for a tasting?


Key Account Manager

Our Admir a.k.a Sidjo is in regular communication with most of the regional organizers of various events, and if you wake him up in the middle of the night he will be able to tell you everything about Entrio accreditation system at conferences. Sidjo is an active citizen of Križevci town, which he adores and for which he has done a lot. Sidjo is a member of the K.V.A.R.K. association from its very beginnings. He has been in the organization of numerous concerts, exhibitions, forums, theater performances, workshops and film screenings. Also, he is one of the organizers of Skaville - a unique regional festival of ska music and Jamaican music culture. His journalistic eye does not miss a single thing. Sidjo loves visiting festivals, loves basketball, and hits the three-pointer with his eyes closed. Let’s shoot some hoops!


Marketing Manager

Sonja is a sociologist by profession and a marketer by solo education. Everything you see in the media, read in brochures or newsletters, has her special touch. Copywriting is in her little finger, and Entrio newsletter is her favorite “child”. Every year, Sonja raises the bar higher and designs an even more original Christmas gift for our friends, partners, and clients. She is most proud of the Entrio deck of cards with famous music artists she designed. Sonja believes in lifelong learning, so she recently completed another marketing education. In addition to marketing, Sonja also works on hiring people, plans fun & crazy team buildings, and always tries to make a great atmosphere in the office. She is an animal lover and has been surrounded by dogs all her life. She is a puzzle maniac, she loves to paint, draw and make various crafts. In her free time, she writes a blog about entrepreneurship - www.menazenica.net.


Office Manager

His name is Casanova, Spreadsheet Casanova. Excel is too mainstream for him. He rocks in Google Sheets, automates every possible task and uses formulas that few people can understand. Mario takes care of finances and handles more complex organizer's inquiries. In addition to supervising the cashflow, Mario also handles part of the company’s administration because there is never enough paperology and stamping in Croatia. He sings in a choir and listens to bands that no one has ever heard of. He visited more concerts than anyone else in the team. He drinks gallons of ginger tea, and his honey jar lasts only a few days. He doesn’t go anywhere without his bicycle and loves to wear colorful, unpaired socks.


Digital Marketing Specialist

Zrinka is hiding behind our social media - our Facebook and Instagram feed that you follow every day. This creative girl is responsible for all our social media content - Zrinka informs you about the best regional events and news every day. Although she graduated in pedagogy and philosophy, she has been successfully swimming in marketing waters for the last five years. She also held digital marketing lectures for a while. She plans to finish Facebook's Blueprint education. There are no boundaries for her! Zrinka organized several festivals, and first event she went to was a rap concert from 2007. in Donji Miholjac. Who remembers? Although she usually listens to rap, there is also some punk music on her playlist. In her spare time, she likes rollerblading and FPS gaming. She also finished three years of education in piano, but don't ask her to play something for you. The best you might get is first part of composition “For Elise”.


Key Account Manager

You certainly remember his famous Zagreb parties, unless you have Amnesia - like him. That's the official name of his party program. Marko Matulić a.k.a Brđo is the founder of two famous clubbing programs in Zagreb (Diskont and Amnesia). He worked on many regional festivals and entertainment industry is part of his DNA. Most of the time he is doing sales and project management, but he is also good at logistics and organizing cashless payment systems at festivals and clubs. He is a fashion guru and has a fetish for sneakers and Adidas slippers. He is so urban that our team finds it difficult to follow his trends. He loves dogs, and loves eating. Not eating dogs, eating everything else :) He is happy when he works out in the gym, runs a nice lap, or makes a good deal. But still, he is happiest when he drives a van.